CrystalDB is self-managing serverless PostgreSQL created by adding a fully cloud native foundation to the world’s most advanced open source relational database. SaaS companies and other demanding OLTP database users can now benefit from the advantages of the cloud without the administrative burdens and specialized expertise otherwise involved in cloud deployments.

With CrystalDB, your applications scale seamlessly and run reliably with minimal effort. The bundled AutoDBA features allow a single developer to support thousands of production databases without configuring individual systems. Since you do not pay for idle capacity, running databases of any size is cost-effective—they can be tiny or massive. We also designed CrystalDB to simplify global presence, which data governance and compliance increasingly demand.

The platform incorporates numerous technical advances:

  • A shared data architecture where both compute and storage scale independently
  • An automated partitioning algorithm that avoids distributed transactions
  • An LSM index designed for modern hardware
  • Multimodal concurrency control that maintains high-performance local transactions even when distributed transactions enter the mix

The CrystalDB Intro Brief (7 pages) provides further information about CrystalDB’s cloud native architecture and the problems it solves.