Engineering the future of database management

Learn why scaling B2B SaaS companies choose CrystalDB’s self-managing serverless PostgreSQL to streamline OLTP database management.

Key Benefits

Simplify database management & focus on the work that matters

CrystalDB simplifies and optimizes database management, allowing you to focus on the work that adds value to your business.

Self-managing infrastructure for innovation

CrystalDB automates your infrastructure, freeing your engineers to focus on delivering value rather than spending their time on maintenance and manual tuning.

Streamline multi-tenant SaaS operations

Eliminate multi-tenant SaaS platform complexity with simplified scaling, isolated data environments for each customer, and detailed insights for cost-effective operations.  

Intelligent scaling & proactive oversight

Our intelligent auto-scaling and tuning adapt to your needs in real time, while AI-driven monitoring optimizes your infrastructure for peak system performance and security.

For Engineering Leaders

Accelerate velocity without sacrificing database quality

With CrystalDB, a single team member can efficiently manage thousands of databases.

Bolster your infrastructure’s resilience and efficiency with automated database management. CrystalDB’s AutoDBA autonomously handles routine database tasks, freeing your team to focus on developing new, value-added features.

Simplified architecture

Our serverless databases cut through complexity and slash operational costs, accelerating your development cycles and simplifying your application architecture.

Autoscaling infrastructure

CrystalDB’s autoscaling infrastructure adapts to your needs in real time, ensuring you only utilize and pay for the resources you need, when you need them.

Multi-tenancy provisioning

CrystalDB's straightforward provisioning and isolation capabilities significantly enhance customer satisfaction and bolster security.

Cost optimization

CrystalDB’s optimization algorithms are designed to reduce expenses, while simultaneously ensuring your system's performance and availability are never compromised.

For Database Administrators

Designed for strategic database management

With CrystalDB, routine maintenance of databases is no longer your concern. CrystalDB’s AutoDBA simplifies database administration, allowing you to focus on strategic initiatives that truly impact your product.

Eliminate daily operational tasks and contribute to your team’s success on a higher level.

Automated maintenance

AutoDBA autonomously manages the mundane, from tuning to backups.

Enhanced system reliability

AI-driven diagnostics and proactive monitoring ensures system reliability, swiftly addressing potential issues before they escalate.

Strategic resource management

Intelligent provisioning and optimization directs your attention to strategic planning, ensuring resources are used efficiently and costs are minimized.

Security & compliance assurance

With CrystalDB, databases are not just optimized for performance but are also secure and compliant, aligning with the latest best practices and regulations.

For Software Engineers

Build better software faster

CrystalDB liberates teams from the distractions of database management, enabling a development process that allows them to focus fully on innovation.

With CrystalDB’s AutoDBA, software engineers gain a platform where scalability and performance meet simplicity and efficiency.

Seamless integration with development workflows

Our serverless architecture and automated management integrate smoothly with your existing process, from local testing to production deployment.

Focus on building, not managing

Spend more time coding and creating, with AutoDBA handling the intricacies of database configuration, scaling, and tuning.

Isolated development environments

Quickly spin up isolated instances for development, testing, and staging, facilitating a more efficient and effective development lifecycle.

Optimized for performance & cost

Maximize performance and save costs with a database that automatically adjusts to your needs, ensuring you have the resources you require without ever overspending.

Build powerful applications

Access the full suite of PostgreSQL features without the overhead, allowing you to leverage powerful database capabilities in your applications.

Our Team

Built by industry experts

CrystalDB is developed by innovators from top tech firms and universities, merging decades of industry experience and academic excellence to deliver a forward-thinking, scalable database management solution.

Companies we've worked for

Universities that trained us

CrystalDB helps startups stay focused on building. Its self-managing features let small teams run Postgres reliably without becoming expert DBAs. It's never been easier to create a database and start building on it."
Mariane Bekker avatar
Mariane BekkerCEO of Upward, ex-VP Engineering Mindbody
Self-managing capabilities are essential to unlocking the benefits of serverless relational databases. You need automation to eliminate complex database configuration, which otherwise undermines the operational simplicity of serverless computing."
Tim Wagner avatar
Tim WagnerCreator of AWS Lambda and CEO of Vendia
A stable database platform can be the difference between a team that’s thriving and making progress and one that’s stuck in a cycle of unproductive fire-fighting. CrystalDB's take on Postgres shows how far we've come—It's a big leap forward for tech teams everywhere."
Akash Garg avatar
Akash GargVP Engineering and CTO - leader at Block, Uber, Afterpay, Twitter, hi5
In our business, every transaction is key to delivering customer value. CrystalDB's approach to automating operational excellence promises unprecedented reliability and simplicity."
Vincent Chu avatar
Vincent ChuCTO/Co-Founder at HomeVision, ex-Twitter


Keeping you safe & secure

Keeping our customers’ data and businesses safe and secure is our top priority. CrystalDB’s cloud native architecture delivers a range of security advantages.

Isolated virtual machines

Every CrystalDB database runs in a dedicated and isolated virtual machine, ensuring separation between customer workloads, even in a multi-tenant environment.

Encrypted data

All stored data is encrypted with a unique key prior to leaving a virtual machine, which is stored securely in our key management system (KMS).

Active monitoring

AutoDBA monitors database activity continually, alerting you to anomalous behaviors and intervening to stop high-risk patterns.

We are currently working towards SOC2 certification, which we aim to complete in the coming months.