Serverless PostgreSQL

Simplify database operations with a self-managing infrastructure that scales with your ambitions and keeps you focused on the work that matters most.

Introducing CrystalDB

Auto DBA never sleeps

Work with 3, not 300+ PostgreSQL settings. With its integrated cloud native architecture, CrystalDB offers a single solution that helps you ensure your applications run smoothly, using advanced ML and automation to navigate both expected and unexpected challenges, all optimized for unmatched reliability.

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High availability & resilience
Scales effectively
Cost and performance optimization
Automated routine maintenance

Key Benefits

Your partner in operational excellence

Our secure, cloud native architecture takes care of itself, effortlessly scaling your OLTP database to match your business’s growth and your aspirations.

Avoid disruptions with 360° reliability

CrystalDB delivers unmatched PostgreSQL reliability and ensures your database is always ready and resilient by integrating a cloud native architecture that provides real-time data replication, AutoDBA for smart capacity management and event response, and a serverless design to instantly address any demand.

Streamline your workflow & ship faster

AutoDBA allows you to support thousands of production databases. By freeing you up from individual configurations, optimization, and migration, letting you zero in on getting your products to market faster.

Supercharge SaaS

Eliminate multi-tenancy pain and effortlessly provide secure deployments for customers of all sizes. Unify observability and control behind a single pane of glass and leave routine management to CrystalDB, knowing your database is running as planned.

CrystalDB helps startups stay focused on building. Its self-managing features let small teams run Postgres reliably without becoming expert DBAs. It's never been easier to create a database and start building on it."
Mariane Bekker avatar
Mariane BekkerCEO of Upward, ex-VP Engineering Mindbody
Self-managing capabilities are essential to unlocking the benefits of serverless relational databases. You need automation to eliminate complex database configuration, which otherwise undermines the operational simplicity of serverless computing."
Tim Wagner avatar
Tim WagnerCreator of AWS Lambda and CEO of Vendia
A stable database platform can be the difference between a team that’s thriving and making progress and one that’s stuck in a cycle of unproductive fire-fighting. CrystalDB's take on Postgres shows how far we've come—It's a big leap forward for tech teams everywhere."
Akash Garg avatar
Akash GargVP Engineering and CTO - leader at Block, Uber, Afterpay, Twitter, hi5
In our business, every transaction is key to delivering customer value. CrystalDB's approach to automating operational excellence promises unprecedented reliability and simplicity."
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Vincent ChuCTO/Co-Founder at HomeVision, ex-Twitter

Key Features

A database that sets you free

CrystalDB comes preloaded with exclusive features designed to simplify database management and help you build better software faster.

True PostgreSQL

Encapsulating true PostgreSQL, CrystalDB transforms the world’s most advanced open source database into the world’s most modern database. Full compatibility for versions 14 and later, and support for loading any extensions.

Getting started

Spin up in seconds, then never worry about your database again.

Getting started with CrystalDB takes seconds. Once you are up and running, we handle the rest. Leave management to us and never worry about your database again.

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Self-Managing Database

Transforming Database Management

The cloud lightens your load, but most database services keep the bulk of work on your plate. Automate configuration and receive SQL tuning recommendations with CrystalDB’s self-managing database. While managed services only cover the basic admin, CrystalDB delivers precise, workload-specific tuning.

Retained responsibility
Shared responsibility
Delegated responsibility
as a Service
(Such as Amazon EC2)
as a Service
(Such as Amazon RDS)
Database Service
Application SQL tuning
Workload-optimized PostgreSQL configuration(Typical DBA suggestions)
Connection settings
Memory settings
Cost optimization
and more
Generic PostgreSQL configuration
Cloud Infrastructure

Created by technical experts from the world’s best companies & universities

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Keeping you safe & secure

Keeping our customers’ data and businesses safe and secure is our top priority. CrystalDB’s cloud native architecture delivers a range of security advantages.

Isolated virtual machines

Every CrystalDB database runs in a dedicated and isolated virtual machine, ensuring separation between customer workloads, even in a multi-tenant environment.

Encrypted data

All stored data is encrypted with a unique key prior to leaving a virtual machine, which is stored securely in our key management system (KMS).

Active monitoring

AutoDBA monitors database activity continually, alerting you to anomalous behaviors and intervening to stop high-risk patterns.

We are currently working towards SOC2 certification, which we aim to complete in the coming months.


You ask, we answer.

Find out more about CrystalDB and what we do. Below you’ll find a list of answers to our most frequently asked questions.

CrystalDB is a self-managing serverless PostgreSQL for OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) applications. It provides infrastructure that automatically takes care of itself, allowing developers to focus on building software.

CrystalDB guarantees compatibility by building a management foundation below open-source PostgreSQL. It provisions compute, memory, and storage, and runs administrative tasks like vacuuming and generating statistics.

CrystalDB eliminates multi-tenancy hassles and offers secure deployments for customers of all sizes. It simplifies support for multi-tenancy, data sovereignty, and compliance, making it ideal for SaaS developers.

The AutoDBA feature in CrystalDB handles basic system configuration, allowing human DBAs to focus on optimization. It manages configuration pitfalls, missing indexes, or bad query plans, reducing the need for in-depth database management knowledge.

CrystalDB is designed with cloud-native architecture in mind, focusing on overcoming the limitations of distributed databases while maintaining scalability.

The core of CrystalDB is the open source PostgreSQL project. Our managed service is not presently open source, however we have plans to release select components that will be of value to the broader ecosystem. These will be released under the Apache 2.0 license.

CrystalDB uses a serverless foundation that allows compute and storage to scale every second. This ensures that resources are always available as needed and reduces costs by not charging for idle capacity.

CrystalDB aims to accelerate software development by providing predictable and simple infrastructure, automating mundane tasks, and focusing on the needs of SaaS developers.