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Basic Configuration

A few of PostgreSQL’s more than 300 configuration parameters are so commonly adjusted that even casual users are familiar with setting them, not just experienced DBAs.

PostgreSQL’s default connection limit is 100, a figure that applications can reach at even modest scale. Each connection creates one database process, which consumes memory and operating system resources. AutoDBA adjusts the connection limit as needed and provisions memory resources as required to support it. CrystalDB also integrates connection pooling, which saves resources by allowing many client connections to share an underlying database process. This is done transparently, ensuring no changes to application behavior.

Each CrystalDB database comes configured for encryption and comes equipped with a unique certificate. Secure certificate generation is something a DBA might otherwise have to take care of. We provide a secure initialization and disable legacy insecure options.

Some of the most basic PostgreSQL tuning involves applying rules of thumb such as setting the size of the shared buffers to 25% of the available memory. As discussed further in the hardware provisioning and performance tuning sections that follow, AutoDBA assumes full responsibility for resource provisioning, so these common configuration parameters are eliminated as well.