Stop paying for idle capacity

CrystalDB AutoDBA scales instantly and optimizes resources to meet your objectives. Easily configure AutoDBA to maximize performance or minimize costs. Only ever pay for the compute and storage resources your application actually uses.

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Get the first $100 free per month, then only pay for what you use.

CrystalDB adjusts compute and storage every second, handling both your heaviest traffic spikes and your traffic lulls—providing better performance and less wasted spend.

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  • SaaS company with 1000 users and typical traffic: CrystalDB is typically free
  • New company trying to grow their user base: CrystalDB is typically free
  • Developer database or launching a new product: CrystalDB is typically free

Costs with Typical Managed PostgreSQL

Don’t waste spend on under-utilized idle capacity

Many companies are waste the majority of their database spend, in environments ranging from their scaled production databases down to their numerous developer and test databases.

The problem:

The issue of under-utilized, idle capacity stems from traditional managed PostgreSQL services forcing companies to over-provision for fear of spikes and consequently paying more. Even then, they are often not over-provisioning enough to handle the worst of the spikes.

Check out the table below to see examples of common scenarios with typical managed PostgreSQL services and their associated costs.

Wasted spend with typical managed PostgreSQL services

CrystalDB for enterprises

Enterprise-grade, enterprise ready.

Scaling up or already an established enterprise? CrystalDB provides enterprise-grade services and security to meet the specific needs of your business.

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Resource Provisioning

One-second granularity

Once per second, AutoDBA adjusts the resources provided to your database. CrystalDB’s serverless cloud native architecture makes capacity available instantly, so your application receives the resources it needs, when it needs them. You never pay for resources that you do not use.


Detailed reporting

Powerful tools help you attribute your spending to specific queries, tables, microservices, or even customer accounts. With CrystalDB, SaaS companies can easily understand precisely what it costs to support each customer. For enterprises, CrystalDB makes it easy to attribute costs to teams, services, products, or features.


You ask, we answer.

Find out more about CrystalDB and what we do. Below you’ll find a list of answers to our most frequently asked questions.

CrystalDB is a self-managing serverless PostgreSQL for OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) applications. It provides infrastructure that automatically takes care of itself, allowing developers to focus on building software.

CrystalDB guarantees compatibility by building a management foundation below open-source PostgreSQL. It provisions compute, memory, and storage, and runs administrative tasks like vacuuming and generating statistics.

CrystalDB eliminates multi-tenancy hassles and offers secure deployments for customers of all sizes. It simplifies support for multi-tenancy, data sovereignty, and compliance, making it ideal for SaaS developers.

The AutoDBA feature in CrystalDB handles basic system configuration, allowing human DBAs to focus on optimization. It manages configuration pitfalls, missing indexes, or bad query plans, reducing the need for in-depth database management knowledge.

CrystalDB is designed with cloud-native architecture in mind, focusing on overcoming the limitations of distributed databases while maintaining scalability.

The core of CrystalDB is the open source PostgreSQL project. Our managed service is not presently open source, however we have plans to release select components that will be of value to the broader ecosystem. These will be released under the Apache 2.0 license.

CrystalDB uses a serverless foundation that allows compute and storage to scale every second. This ensures that resources are always available as needed and reduces costs by not charging for idle capacity.

CrystalDB aims to accelerate software development by providing predictable and simple infrastructure, automating mundane tasks, and focusing on the needs of SaaS developers.