Automate &
Simplify Database Management

Discover how our self-managing, serverless PostgreSQL streamlines OLTP database management, freeing up your team to work on essential tasks.


Work with 3 settings, not 300

PostgreSQL’s 300+ configuration parameters impact performance, cost, security, and availability. AutoDBA takes care of basic PostgreSQL configuration, so you don’t have to.

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Scale instantly & never pay for idle time

Created by leading experts in serverless computing, CrystalDB’s unique architecture enables your applications to take full advantage of the cloud’s flexibility.

  • Designed from the ground up to deliver cloud native architecture for OLTP.
  • Operate your database architecture with the scalability and reliability of the modern cloud.
  • Get billed based on your actual usage, down to the second.
  • Architecture co-designed with AutoDBA in mind.
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Database fleets

A single pane of glass for fleet observability & control

CrystalDB is specifically designed to serve the needs of organizations that run fleets of databases, such as those supporting multi-tenant SaaS applications, scaled microservices, or geographically distributed customers.

Gain instant visibility

Our Control Center provides a single pane of glass for administrators, allowing you to easily understand and confirm the health of all your databases. They can make a schema change once and roll it out across all databases.

Get the resources you need

Get precisely the resources your database needs, delivered every second. Ensure a smooth user experience for all your customers, and never pay for idle capacity.

Cure multitenancy headaches

No need to worry about how to pack multiple tenants onto one server. CrystaDB’s serverless infrastructure allows you to efficiently run a database for each of your customers.

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Leveraging the world’s most advanced open source database

CrystalDB runs PostgreSQL, the world’s most popular, advanced open source database¹. PostgreSQL is the leading database used by software developers when building applications.

¹Stack Overflow’s 2023 Developer Survey


True PostgreSQL

Other cloud databases provide PostgreSQL compatibility using adapter layers or forked versions of the database. CrystalDB guarantees full compatibility by using the official PostgreSQL open source code and open source extensions.

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Operational excellence

CrystalDB enables operational excellence by delivering OLTP databases that are consistently responsive and maintain a high uptime percentage—up to 99.995%, depending on configuration.

Your system of record

We assume that your database is deployed as the system of record. When CrystalDB reports that a transaction has been committed, you can trust that it has been captured durably, with replication across multiple data centers.

High availability, simplified

Forget about configuring complex HA setups which leave you unable to quantify your expected availability or the cost-benefit. Choose between 99.95% and 99.995% availability and receive estimates of your cost difference.

Configurable performance

CrystalDB’s AutoDBA begins by optimizing for efficiency, which improves performance and lower costs. Tell AutoDBA to add more resources for applications requiring max performance, up to the point of diminishing returns. Learn the cost difference.


Secure by design

CrystalDB’s security starts with its cloud native architecture.

  • Database-optimized serverless architecture efficiently isolates each PostgreSQL instance in their own virtual machine (VM).
  • CrystalDB encrypts data whenever it leaves a VM, providing encryption in motion and at rest.
  • Key management services reliably protect root encryption keys.
AutoDBA Security

AutoDBA, auto protected.

CrystalDB’s AutoDBA enforces secure configuration, monitors for unusual login attempts, and ensures that database or system software patches are applied automatically and with minimal disruption.

We are currently working towards SOC2 certification, which we aim to complete in the coming months.