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Backup and Recovery

Backups provide a critical level of redundancy that protects your valuable data from various worst-case scenarios. They can be used to recover from cyber attacks, natural disasters, human errors, and severe system failures. They are also a common compliance requirement.

Even though backups are a routine DBA responsibility, there are still pitfalls to doing them properly. Like housekeeping jobs, backups can compete for system resources with the application workload. If not configured properly, they can impact application performance or fail to complete in a timely manner.

AutoDBA continually copies your database to object storage for backup. It benefits from CrystalDB’s cloud native architecture, which allows data to flow directly from the storage tier to cloud object storage such as AWS S3. Using a combination of full backups, incremental backups, and WAL file archiving, it maintains a 30-day history of the database.

CrystalDB backups are always encrypted, and their integrity is protected with checksums and block-level validation PostgreSQL tables and indexes.